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Post by Eric Crichton on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:05 pm

Credit for the armory thread goes to Ubik (David Kessling) and Run (Daniel Blackburne)

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Beretta M9 Semiautomatic Pistol:
The M9 series is one of the most famous sidearms around the world, both in the military and civilian market. Designed by Beretta, an Italian company, ever since 1972. It replaced the M1911 .45 ACP series in the US arsenal back in 1985. The most recent model of the M92 series is the 90 two, released in 2006, and has occupied the poster wall space of many-a-teenager and grown men since. ((OOC: the variant of the weapon most seen in Stargate is the M92FS)).

Armory 300pxm9pistolet

Primary function: Personal defense.
Length: 7.9 to 8.5 inches (depending on model).
Weight: 900 to 950 grams without mag (depending on model).
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, 9x21mm IMI and 7.65mm Luger.

Glock Semiautomatic/Machine Pistol:
There are a bajillion Glocks and these Austrian pistols have crept into every nook and cranny of the gun market, like a coal miner's underwear in January... You have your standard Glock 17, you've got got the compact Glock 19, the microscopic Glock 33... And there's a Full Automatic version as well, called the Glock 18! That's right; you can have the awesomeness of random bullet-hole creation in something as small as a handgun. And, naturally, the range of toys and attachments is endless for all 21 different models.

Armory Glock18

Primary function: Personal defense.
Length: 6.30 to 8.86 inches (depending on model).
Weight: 529 to 757 grams (depending on model).
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, .380 ACP, '45 ACP, .45 GAP, .357 SIG and 10mm Auto.

Sig Sauer P226 Semiautomatic Pistol:
Having a long and illustrious history, the Sig P226 has more models in the series than the starting entries of a "miss America" glamour competition. Developed by Sig Sauer, a German company, one of its most notable offspring is the P228 M11, a compact version used by the US military. The SIG Sauer P226 and its variants are in service with numerous law enforcement and military organizations worldwide.

Armory Sigsauerp2281

Primary function: Personal defense.
Length: 180mm to 196mm (depending on model).
Weight: 672 to 905 grams (depending on model).
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG.

HK Mark 23 "SOCOM" Semiautomatic Pistol:
The wet dream of many professional assassins and one of the US SOCOM's pets, the Mk. 23 Mod 0 was developed by Heckler & Koch, a German company, especially for the North American Special Operations branch. The weapon is as reliable and powerful as it is large, coming with a suppressor and laser aiming module as standard. It was designed in 1990 and came into service in '96. Later on, it spread into the civilian market, striking the fear of God into law enforcement... So as to not feel inadequate, Police are starting to acquire this weapon as well.

Armory HK-Mk23_socom1

Primary function: Offensive sidearm.
Length: 9.65 inches.
Weight: 1098 grams.
Chambering: .45 ACP.

Beretta Px4 Storm Semiautomatic Pistol:
A radical departure from other Beretta designs, the Px4 is the handgun from the company's x4 series of weaponry. It is a more refined handgun, compared to its predecessors, and was built with versatility in mind, specifically for the personal defense and police markets. Naturally, it has a number of models -- going in size from small to microscopic -- and can be chambered for the typical Beretta series of handgun rounds.

Armory Berettapx4

Primary function: Personal defense.
Length: 6.2 to 7.55 inches (depending on model).
Weight: 715 to 785 grams without mag (depending on model).
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

HK USP Semiautomatic Pistol:
The Mk. 23's little sister, the USP was also designed by Heckler & Koch as a replacement for the P7 series of handguns. Not unlike the SIG P226, this handgun can make a marching band fifty miles long out of all of the variants in its family. Heck, Lara Croft used a pair of USP Matches, so if you can't get the song "I Feel Like a Woman" out of your head, you now know which sidearm to pick!

Armory Hk_usp_od1

Primary function: Personal defense.
Length: 6.81 to 9.45 inches (depending on model).
Weight: 667 to 875 grams (depending on model).
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum, .357 SIG, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

M1911A1 Semiautomatic Pistol:
Older than life itself, this was the standard issue handgun in the US military from 1911 to '85 and it is still used in a number of branches to this day. It just goes to show how good Mr. Browning's barnyard engineering was back in the day, not to mention that Colt, despite numerous claims to the contrary, does make a good weapon. If you're looking to turn someone's face into a fountain, the M1911's large caliber will definitely satisfy that urge; if you're more into aesthetics, there are so many different accessories, parts and variants for this gun, that you'll have your bling needs set for life.

Armory 1911a1i

Primary function: Personal defense.
Length: 8.25 inches.
Weight: 1105 grams.
Chambering: .45 ACP (other calibers in rarer variants).

Browning Hi-Power Semiautomatic Pistol:
Based on one of Mr. Browning's handgun designs, the High-Power's final development was done by the Belgians. The name was given due to the weapon's large magazine (13 rounds in 9mm); at the time it was created, carried almost twice as many rounds as its counterparts. It is still used today in over 50 countries by armed forces; heck it's even used by the SAS. Yes, it does have a huge amount of variants as well; that's one more similarity to the M1911 that you can add to the list.

Armory Browning-high-power

Primary function: Personal defense.
Length: 7.8 inches.
Weight: 1kg.
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum, 7.65x21mm Parabellum and .40 S&W.

FN Five-seven Semiautomatic Pistol:
"It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" No, don't be silly, it's just a handgun with a strange caliber. The Five-seven was developed in '98 and designed specifically to work together with the P90, using the exact same caliber of bullet, which is strange, considering most handguns use .45, .40 or 9mm or 10mm... At any rate, even though it will cost you an arm and a leg, this handgun would be a good investment if you really hate people who wear body armour.

Armory FN-FiveSeven

Primary function: Offensive sidearm.
Length: 8.2 inches.
Weight: 617 grams.
Chambering: 5.7x28mm.

Steyr TMP Machine Pistol:
The TMP is slightly larger than most handguns, but this weapon is renowned for its controllability, so it can still easily do 10-to-15 round bursts and it's smaller than an MP7. That said, it has fewer luxuries than an Egyptian's lavatory... it has no stock, retractable or otherwise, no integrated rails for sight attachments, it doesn't even come with the extra fuel you'll need for your car when you'll be running away from the cops once they've found out you have one. That said, there is a civilian-legal model called the SPP, though that one doesn't even come with the standard forward grip. SPP owners have no friends.

Armory Steyrtmp

Primary function: Offensive sidearm.
Length: 11.10 inches.
Weight: 1.3kg.
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum.


M4A1 Carbine:
The M4... Probably just as popular a gun around the world as the AK-47; it is a hunkered-down, carbine version of the M16A2 and built by Colt Defense, a US arms company. It is the standard American military assault rifle and, you have to admit, it looks great. It might not function as well as you'd expect it to sometimes, but if you treat it well and give it the right maintenance, the M4 won't let you down. It is being replaced by a number of competing rifles, though for now it's still here and it's still kicking its tail out... and it's not like watching your parents dance, either.

Armory M4

Primary functions: Anti-personnel.
Length: 29.8 inches.
Weight: 2.7 kg.
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO.

Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine:
The civilian model of the Mx4 Storm, the Cx4 is a semi-automatic carbine built by the Italians (meaning that it looks good by default) and, as the name implies, it is part of the x4 family, meaning its magazines are interchangeable with all of those from the rest of the x4 range (except the Rx4) and with a few other Beretta handguns, including the M92 series. It and its counterparts were designed to make carrying ammunition much easier, as you don't have to lug around different types for both your main weapon and your sidearm. Meaning, with this thing, you can just pick up a bunch of pistol magazines and you're set! The Cx4 has a longer barrel than the Mx4, a top Picatinny rail and a bottom one as well, which can be pulled out from the body by a thumb tab. It has a number of accessories and the same weapon can be converted to work with four different types of ammunition. Great for low-risk expeditions and nights out of town.

Armory 80547

Primary functions: Personal defense.
Length: 29.7 inches.
Weight: 2.575 kg.
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum, 9x21mm IMI, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

M14 Stand-off Munitions Disruptor (SMUD):
The M14 was first issued to the US armed forces as the standard rifle in 1959 and is still used for limited roles today. A proper battle rifle, it is a good job that they've kept it alive, or else the world would now be plunged even further into the 5.56 caliber ammunition playground. When this thing hits a target, you know it'll be on the floor and stay there for a good while.

Armory User2pic5791219787676

Primary function: Anti-material.
Length: 46.5 inches.
Weight: 5.2 kg.
Chambering: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester).

HK G3 Battle Rifle:
Often referred to as the "grandfather," this wizened geezer from the '50s is still used in many countries around the world; also built by Heckler & Koch, it is among one of the most reliable battle rifles in existence. It isn't everyone's favorite, however, due to the weight of both itself and its ammunition. There are a number of versions, some developed for paratrooper operations, though they'll all turn your regular every-day Jaffa into Swiss cheese. The dead kind, to be more specific.

Armory Hkg3a4

Primary function: Anti-personnel.
Length: 711mm to 1025mm.
Weight: 4.1 kg to 5.54 kg.
Chambering: 7.62mm NATO (.308 Winchester).

HK G36 Assault Rifle:
The G36 series is the grandchild of the Heckler & Koch G3. There are three main variants: the original G36 being the longest, the G36K (Carbine) and the G36C (Compact -- the shortest). The G36 and G36K come standard with either a dual sighting system or with a single 1.5 power reticle. For those of us who have no clue what those are; that means that you have a free integrated scope instead of a crummy old iron sight. If you really want to go old school, there's the G36A2 -- a normal G36 with shorter stock (easier to use with heavy gear) and a picatinny rail in place of the normal sighting systems, letting you attach normal iron sights, maybe a red dot or holosight... or a flashlight... or a hunting scope... your reading glasses... you get the idea.

Armory Hkg36e

Primary function: Anti-personnel.
Length: 28.3 inches to 28.3 inches.
Weight: 2.82kg to 3.83kg.
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO.

M16A2 Semiautomatic Rifle:
The M16; the staple of American small arms, a real beacon of firepower... that was most notably known for jamming so often that some soldiers in Vietnam would drop it and grab any old rusted AK as soon as they saw one lying on the floor. But no worries! They fixed most of the weapon's horrific problems with the M16A2! If well kept, it will operate quite decently and its long barrel ensures that you already have a crutch in case your leg gets shot off. And it's accurate, too. This weapon doesn't have a full automatic mode, though it does have a semiautomatic burst mode that can be even more practical in some cases.

Armory P_aeg_m16

Primary function: Anti-personnel.
Length: 39.625 inches.
Weight: 3.5kg.
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO.

IMI Tavor Assault Rifle - 21[super]st[/super] Century (TAR-21):
A recent Israeli design, this weapon is as futuristic as the name it was given. It is one of few modern assault rifles to use a bullpup design, meaning it can be shorter than your average rifle, making it lighter and easier to use in confined spaces, without sacrificing barrel length. Being Israeli, it will most certainly work quite well and, so far, has done just that in a number of armies around the world. It is famed mostly for use with special military forces groups, commandos and special police forces.

Armory 2135_1

Primary functions: Anti-personnel.
Length: 23.2 inches to 28.3 inches.
Weight: 2.95kg to 3.67kg.
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO.

Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR-L/SCAR-H):
Even though it looks like the unfinished prototype of a 30's weapon built in a lochman's shed in the UK midlands, possibly akin to the boil on the buttock of a baboon, the SCAR series is a popular and reliable rifle, seeing use among Special Forces arsenals. It has two variants, one of which takes the 5.56mm politically-correct slugs and another with the 7.62 man-crushers, meaning it comes in either assault or battle rifle form; this beast is built by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal... those crazy Belgians...

Armory Scarhm
Armory User70pic10521232666200

Primary functions: Anti-personnel.
Weight: 3.04kg to 3.72kg.
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATO.

Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR):
One of the most recent creations on the American market, the ACR was designed to be compatible with almost anything, while still looking great and working rather well. It is standard with the 5.56 pebbles that most rifles use, but its modular design lets you change out a few quick pieces and have it ready to work with almost anything, even the 7.62 rounds. Heck, with a little tweaking you might even be able to fire squirrels out of it. Currently, the weapon is still in its last phases of development, though some models are already available on the civilian market... and possibly in some super top-secret military operations... *wink-wink, nudge-nudge.*

Armory 225

Primary function: Anti-personnel.
Barrel Length: 10.5 inches to 20 inches.
Weight: 3.175 kg (with 14.5 inch barrel).
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO, 6.8mm Remington SPC, 6.5 Grendel, .30 Remington AR, 7.62×39mm, 7.62x51mm and Remington 6.8 SPC.

Galil ACE Assault Rifle:
This Israeli menace is the newest version of the famous Galil. If an AK-47 and an FN FAL were to meet in a closet full of canoe-building materi -- I mean composites -- this would be the result. It has three models which are chambered for three of the most popular rifle rounds currently in production and, being Israeli, you know it's going to kick butt wherever it goes. Picture yourself smoking a cigar in a desert, unshaven, wearing an Arabian head towel for shade and desert contractor gear with one of these in your hands... yeah... life's good...

Armory Galilace1y

Primary function: Anti-personnel.
Length: 650mm to 1043mm.
Weight: 2.8kg to 3.69kg.
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO, 7.62x39mm and 7.62x51 NATO.

SIG SG 550 Assault Rifle:
The yard stick of the Swiss army, this robust pile of clockwork has been in military service ever since 1990 and has taken its rightful place as the substitute for the 540 range. Even though it's not an overly famous rifle, the occasional reliability issues in some of the models (such as the 552) give it an original and charismatic feel that you just don't get in many other rifles. Of course, as a tool to kill others and keep yourself alive, it still works well... it might still do things you just don't expect, though. Also, its sniper version is probably one of the heaviest things you'll ever lay your hands on.

Armory Post-49-1168678436

Primary function: Anti-personnel.
Length: 19.7 inches to 44.5 inches.
Weight: 3.2kg to 7.02kg.
Chambering: 5.6mm Gw Pat 90 (5.56x45mm NATO).

Beretta Rx4 Storm Semiautomatic Rifle:
The marksman rifle of the Storm family, unlike all of its siblings, this weapon has no interchangeable parts -- including ammunition and magazine types -- with any of the other x4 products. In fact, it was designed to use STANAG magazines (like those on the M4). Yup, it's a semi-automatic 5.56mm and, as such, was specifically designed for designated marksmen. That is, for the guys who are a midterm between snipers and infantrymen. Now you're probably wondering "why the hell don't I just use an MK14, then?" Well, the MK14 uses 7.62mm ammo, meaning it's used for different targets, not to mention it's heavier. The Rx4 is also Italian. I mean, c'mon, look at that big puppy-eyed barrel pointing at you! It's just asking for some attention!

Armory Beretta-RX4-Storm

Primary functions: Personal defense.
Length: 36.6 to 37.72 inches.
Weight: 3.19 kg.
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO and .223 Remington.

MK14, Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle:
Like the name, this weapon is basically an M14 with a lot of bling. Actually, it's uprated in a lot of ways; you could call it the Second Coming of the M14. This particular rifle has been known to be such a good all-rounder that it has been used for designated marksman and CQB roles in combat. That's right, you can snipe or blast your way through a short corridor with it. Otherwise, it has kept all of the good parts of its predecessor, including the reliability.

Armory Mk14_7

Primary Function: Anti-Personnel, Anti-Material.
Length: 35 inches.
Weight: 5.1kg.
Chambering: 7.62x51mm NATO.

Steyr AUG Assault Rifle:
An Austrian assault rifle built by Steyr, the AUG has been around since the late '70s, sporting an uncommon bullpup design... As for the styling itself, I guess the kindest thing you could say about it is that they fired the designer before he could finish his job. That, however, is one of the very few downsides to this gun; it is reliable, durable and was built with a number of innovative features: it comes standard with an integrated scope or rail attachment, bayonet and, it's party piece, an Spz-kr type two-stage trigger (pulling the trigger halfway produces semi-automatic fire, pulling the trigger all the way to the rear produces fully automatic fire). My, the man who thought of that must throw quite a party.

Armory AUG_A1_508mm_04

Primary function: Anti-personnel.
Length: 24.8 inches to 35,4 inches.
Weight: 3.2kg to 3.9kg.
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO and 9x19mm Parabellum.

HK 416/417 Combat Rifles:
Heckler & Koch one day decided that they could apply their expertise to the M16 system and improve it. Being German, they got to the job in a very orderly and precise fashion. In the end, they not only improved it... they created a masterpiece. The 416 and its larger sister, the 417, are among the very best performing rifles in the world. You can bury one of these under the sand, pick it up again without even so much as blowing the dust out of the barrel and you will empty an entire magazine without a hitch. It was designed to work without fault in the real, gritty world of modern combat operations and, it is believed, one day it will completely substitute the M4 and M16 series. That, however, still remains to be seen.

Armory Hk416_carbine-tfb
Armory HK417_12_links

Primary function: Anti-personnel.
Length: 22 inches to 40.8 inches (416); 805mm to 1085mm (417).
Weight: 2.95kg to 3.855kg (416); 3.87kg to 4.23kg (417).
Chambering: 5.56x45mm NATO (416) and 7.62x51mm NATO (417).

Personal Defense Weapons:

FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon:
The Belgians have struck again, this time with the P90. A very compact weapon that was introduced in 1990, featured as a replacement for 9x19mm firearms. It might look like something out of science fiction to some, but don't let the innovative styling and configuration fool you; this thing is quite lethal. Military and police around the world use it to really hurt people they don't like. It comes either with an integrated sight or a rail mount. ((OOC: the variant most seen in Stargate is, supposedly, the P90 USG)).

Armory P-90

Primary function: Personal Defense.
Length: 19.7 inches.
Weight: 2.54kg.
Chambering: 5.7x28mm.

HK MP7 Personal Defense Weapon:
This thing is only slightly larger than the Mark 23 SOCOM pistol and it does shoot bullets... apparently. The idea is to give you all the advantages of a PDW in the smallest frame possible and compete with the FN P90... even though it carries less rounds than its rival, it is deadlier. Comes standard with a retractable stock and folding forward grip. By the looks of it, it probably fires 9x19mm rounds, but you'd be wrong -- it was designed in conjunction with a new round that is supposed to puncture through body armour a lot more easily than other typical PDW cartridges. Good for showing those Jaffa how protective their chainmail is... or rather, isn't.

Armory Hk_mp7_b

Primary function: Personal Defense.
Length: 16.3 inches to 25.1 inches.
Weight: 1.9kg.
Chambering: 4.6x30mm.

Submachine Guns:

HK MP5 Submachine Gun:
First introduced in the 60s, the MP5 has seen almost limitless use all over the world. They even use it at the frikking Vatican. Really! It is the culmination of countless efforts to blend reliability, controllability and firepower into one small package. The list of variants under the name is as long as a horse's leg, of course, though don't let that discourage you; they came up with one for almost every situation. One series, the SD's, even comes with an integrated suppressor, though it has proven to develop faults a lot faster than the original MP5. ((OOC: the variant most seen in Stargate is the MP5 A5 with a torch-mounting handguard)).

Armory 1656887_100621155426_SRC_MP5_1

Primary function: Solving up to 800 problems a minute.
Length: 12.8 inches to 31.7 inches.
Weight: 2kg to 3.6kg.
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum.

Beretta Mx4 Storm Submachine Gun:
The big brother of the Cx4, this is the military version, with a shorter barrel and a longer standard magazine (as you would need it, considering it has a full-automatic firing mode). Many police forces have taken a liking to it and India has replaced thousands of MP5s with this weapon for their border patrols. Beretta boasts of the SMG's accuracy and adaptability and, so far, it hasn't proven them wrong. The Mx4 is also part of the x4 family and can also use all the pistol magazines the series is famed for. However, the single current model can only use one round caliber... The hell is up with that? Either way, still an excellent weapon in case of having to travel light and quickly on medium-risk missions.

Armory Beretta-Mx4-Storm-01

Primary functions: Personal defense.
Length: 25.472 inches.
Weight: 2.48 kg.
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum.

IMI UZI Submachine Gun:
Created by Israeli Military Industries and built by a bunch of other companies as well, the UZI sumbmachine guns have spread themselves all over the planet in both the military and the civilian market. If a gangster doesn't have one of these it's either because he couldn't afford it or because he lost it. The military typically uses the "daddy" UZI -- the largest of the models -- while the yobos normally prefer the mini or micro UZI series, that are considered machine pistols, rather than submachine guns.

Armory User2pic5841219789005

Primary function: Close Quarters Battle.
Length: 18.5 inches to 25.2 inches.
Weight: 3.5kg.
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum, .22 LR, .45 ACP and .41 AE.

TDI Vector Submachine Gun:
This is the easy SMG for the easy fighter. The Vector series was developed by Transformational Defense Industries in the States and it uses a recoil-compensation mechanism, called the Kriss Super V, designed by a French engineer. It is the first and, so far, only weapon of its kind. For those of us who don't know what all of this means; all of the high-tech stuff makes the weapon a lot easier to handle while you fire it. The Kriss system basically pushes the gun back down whenever you pull the trigger, meaning it climbs a lot less, be it in semi-auto or full automatic. This is the perfect weapon for the perfect weakling (scientists of the world with no military training take note); and if you're a proper soldier, you won't be ashamed to use it, either, because it normally uses a very powerful round you would otherwise have a hard time taming in other SMGs. The military model uses selective fire and there are two civilian models that are only semi-automatic.

Armory Kriss-smg

Primary function: Close Quarters Battle.
Length: 16 inches to 34.8 inches.
Weight: 2.5kg to 2.7kg.
Chambering: .45 ACP and .40 S&W.

IMI Micro Tavor (MTAR-21, 9mm version) Submachine Gun:
The little sister of the Tavor Assault Rifle, this shorter, extremely compact version exists in both assault rifle and SMG form. An optional conversion lets it use 9mm ammunition instead, turning it into a submachine gun. Otherwise, the Israeli weapon works exactly the same way as its assault rifle counterpart. The upside is that you can carry a lot more ammunition for this particular model, since the rounds are smaller and lighter.

Armory 400px-MicroTavora

Primary functions: Close Quarters Battle.
Length: 25.2 inches.
Weight: 3.18kg.
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum.


Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun:
Built by an Italian manufacturer, the SPAS-12 ended up being banned from import into the USA in 2000, but is still used in the military by people who know what it's good for. It carries 9 rounds (8 + 1 in the barrel) in an internal magazine and reloads with the usual shiver-inducing pump-action or with a semi-automatic gas system. A number of variants were made, though mostly the main difference between them were the barrel lengths and the stocks, or lack thereof. ((OOC: the version most seen in SG-1 is the original SPAS-12 with folding metal stock)).

Armory Spas_pair

Primary function: Making sure nothing stands in your way.
Length: 41 inches or shorter.
Weight: 4.4 kg or lighter.
Chambering: 12 gauge.

Remington 870 Modular Combat Shotgun:
A U.S. shotgun first developed in '51, when Cro-Magnon still roamed the Earth. it is still produced today and is widely used by the public for sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense. It is also commonly used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide to make really big holes in stuff. The nicest part? This weapon comes in a number of models that use different shell gauges; meaning you can make holes of all shapes and sizes!

Armory User2pic5861219789821

Primary Function: Breaching, Riot Control.
Length: 37.25 inches to 50.5 inches.
Weight: 3.2kg to 3.6kg.
Chambering: 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410 bore.

Benelli M4 Super 90 Combat Shotgun:
Another Italian shotgun, this weapon was mostly designed for the American armed forces and features a number of innovations in shotgun design, sporting top-of-the-line reliability and durability, coupled with a modular assembly basis; this makes it easy to reassemble the weapon for different operation scenarios without the need for tools in the field. You can have it set up for open-field combat and if you need to go into close-range battle indoors? In just a few minutes you can change out a few pieces, give the enemy time to drink some tea, and you're set!

Armory Benelli_M4_tactical_Shotgun

Primary Function: Breaching, Riot Control.
Length: 34.9 inches.
Weight: 3.82kg.
Chambering: 12 gauge.

Mossberg 500 Shotgun:
A simple shotgun, rather than a combat shotgun, the Mossberg 500 series has been around since 1960 and was born in the USA. The model the military normally uses is the 590 and, oh joy, you can attach a bayonet to it. You stab the frakker in the chest with a huge knife and then, instead of getting up to the disgusting job of pulling it back out of him, you squeeze the trigger and blow him away instead! This weapon was designed to simplify melee combat to the extreme. I'm surprised it doesn't come standard with a couch and a TV.

Armory Shotgun_Mossberg_590

Primary Function: Breaching, keeping your bayonet clean.
Length: 14 inches to 30 inches.
Weight: 3.3kg.
Chambering: 12 gauge, 20 gauge and .410 bore.

Crew Served Weapons:

M249 Light Machine Gun (formerly Squad Automatic Weapon):
More commonly known as a "Minimi," (though it's actually a variant of the weapon) this Belgian-designed, American-built light machine gun is capable of full-automatic fire only. It's been in service ever since '84 and It can be fed from both linked ammunition and STANAG magazines (like those used in the M16 and M4), though you wouldn't really want to use them, considering how fast you'd burn through each one. Even though it's heavy, this somewhat inaccurate weapon was designed to force enemy groups to duck for cover, or to let a pointman slice through alleys without having to worry about aiming exceptionally well.

Armory Uslmg_m249saw

Primary Function: Anti-Personnel, Suppression Fire.
Length: 41 inches.
Weight: 7.5kg.
Chambering: 5.56x45 mm NATO.

M240 (FN MAG) Medium Machine Gun:
A design conceived by Belgium and the USA, this MMG is a general-purpose weapon, often used for suppression fire, it can be carried by point men, mounted on armoured vehicles and so on. It has a number of bipods and mounts, all of which basically work the same way. The best part is, if it breaks down, all you have to do is grab the muzzle and you've instantly turned it into a really heavy baseball bat. Either way, you'll be bursting people's skulls open with it quite easily.

Armory User2pic5891219790344

Primary Function: Perimeter and Aerial Suppression/Defense.
Length: 49 inches.
Weight: 12.5kg.
Chambering: 7.62x51mm NATO.

M60 Medium Machine Gun:
The M60 first came out in '57 in the US armed forces and is still used today in some limited roles, though it has been overly replaced or supplemented by other designs, such as the M240. It is also one heavy thing, so it'll spend most (if not all) of its time on a bipod or mount. Besides area defense and shooting down planes (sort of), it is useful for squad movement; it can easily lay down suppression fire to give your team mates time to position themselves. I'd sure as hell duck-and-cover if I'd see one of these pointing at me.

Armory User2pic5921219790730

Primary Function: Perimeter and Aerial Suppression/Defense.
Length: 43.5 inches.
Weight: 10.5kg.
Chambering: 7.62x51mm NATO.

M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun:
Run4: "An M2 HMG's diet consists of small woodland creatures, large woodland creatures, small woodlands, fruit, fruit farms, fruit farmers, small-to-medium cities and their inhabitants." This carefully-picked food plan has kept the M2 alive ever since 1921 and it has reproduced itself like a family of rabbits: over 3 million have been built so far. You do not want to be on the wrong end of this weapon when it goes off. Naturally, this thing can pretty much only work whenever it's nailed to the floor of something extremely heavy like, say, a Hummer... or the Moon... they both have roughly the same mass. They do have tripods that you can fold away, but they are dangerous, considering that they are likely to change the Earth's orbit around the sun if you lay them on soft soil.

Armory User2pic5881219790244

Primary Function: Anti-pretty-much-everything-in-front-of-it.
Length: 65.2 inches.
Weight: 58kg.
Chambering: .50 BMG.

M79 Grenade Launcher
This thing was produced between 1961 and '71, but, surprisingly, it is still used today in some limited rolls. It's a crack-open reloader and can only take one round at a time, but contrary to other grenade launchers, it's light and occupies much less space. Also, due to having a sturdy stock, you can crack heads open just as easily as the loading chamber.

Armory User2pic5971219791335

Primary Function: Anti-personnel, light Anti-armour.
Length: 28.78 inches.
Weight: 2.7kg.
Chambering: 40x46mm grenade.

Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL):
Yup, it's a revolver that shoots grenades; it was developed in South Africa by Milkor (Pty) Ltd and has been in production ever since '83. Imagine playing Russian roulette with this thing... now that's FUN! It isn't the lightest thing (it's even heavier than the HK G3) and it's accurate... as accurate as a grenade launcher can be, at any rate. Also, if life were a video game, everyone would whine at you for using one... actually, come to think of it, most politicians and hippies already do. So yeah, definitely use it.

Armory Milkor_MGL_-_40mm

Primary Function: Making people wish they hadn't laughed at its name.
Length: 42.91 Inches.
Weight: 5.3kg.
Chambering: 40x46mm grenade and 40x51mm grenade.

MK-19 Automatic Grenade Launcher:
It's a machine gun that fires grenades instead of bullets. Designed and built by the USA ever since 1966, the MK-19 was made to not cook off (meaning it won't have its ammunition explode inside the gun in case it's too warm outside). Considering how this isn't always the story with 60's weaponry, you have to admit that's a very useful feature. You can try to shoot this thing from the hip... if you have three arms... and you value none of them. Otherwise you'll need a tripod or a mount for it. It can be pulled apart and carried over your shoulder, though breaking your back or developing scolioses is a small price to pay for this thing's firepower.

Armory User2pic5901219790506

Primary Function: F***ing that guy over there and everyone near him.
Length: 43.1 Inches.
Weight: 32.9kg.
Chambering: 40x53mm.

GMG stands, quite literally, for Grenade Machine Gun; this HK weapon is very similar to the MK-19, though it's German (meaning it's slightly more boring, but has more common sense as well). The bumf calls this weapon the "user-friendly grenade machine gun." Seriously, it's there, go look it up. The idea is that, even though it still weighs more than your house, it's easier to use and easier to live with. Supposedly it's more comfortable, as well. I'm pretty sure they never considered what it would be like to be this thing's target... doesn't matter, though; it still works just fine! Can be used with tripod, mounted onto a vehicle (like, say, an ice cream van); it is belt-fed (like the MK-19) and can be loaded from either side, making it ambidextrous. It's in the little things, y'know?

Armory Hk-gmg-1

Primary Function: Delivering German Engineering at 241 m/s in the most comfortable manner possible.
Length: 42.91 Inches.
Weight: 28.8kg.
Chambering: 40x53mm.

M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon System (LAW):
Designed in the USA back in '63, the M72 was innovative in a number of ways, one of them being that its barrel is telescopic, so it could be carried in a practical, compact form while not in use. Naturally, there are a number of variants, though they all work roughly the same way; the rocket propels itself, rather than needing an ignition from the launcher. All the launcher is there for is to tell the rocket's motor to start; the latter ignites and burns itself completely before leaving the enclosure, basically blowing away anything standing behind it. That's right, you don't want to sit in front or behind anyone using this thing. Just stay the hell away from them. Either way, if you're the one firing it, you'll find that the recoil is surprisingly negligible.

Armory User2pic5981219791431

Primary Function: It's a frikking bazooka. Naturally, armoured stuff, pillboxes, turret emplacements and so on are this thing's favourite meals.
Length: 24.8 Inches to 38.6 inches.
Weight: 2.3kg to 3.6kg.
Chambering: 66mm rocket.

M136 AT4 Light Anti-tank Weapon:
In a nutshell, this is an unguided, portable, single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon built in Sweden by Saab Bofors Dynamics. Since it's a Saab, they'll say a lot of things about it which simply aren't true, so let us give you the headlines on it: It comes prepacked with a single rocket inside; once it's been fired, you throw the whole thing away, making it about as practical as brushing your teeth with cardboard. Then there's the value-for-money; now, I'm sorry, but I don't see the point of paying almost 1.5k USD for something that can only be used once to blow up a wall; yes, it makes a really big hole, but what if you miss that single shot? Remember it's unguided. Plus, it's slightly heavier than the center of the Earth. At this point, however, things start looking up: It was designed to be used in confined spaces, so it's OK to fire it from inside a building and such (though it's still easy to harm yourself); it is capable of destroying most armoured vehicles and fortifications (thought it probably won't destroy a modern Main Battle Tank) and, finally, you don't have to worry about recoil (though the backblast is pretty large, so make sure nothing inflammable -- including people -- is anywhere within fifty miles of the back end).

Armory User2pic5991219791614
Optional second image of the weapon, for those of us who like girls: Clicky.

Primary Function: Light anti-armour weapon.
Length: 40 inches.
Weight: 6.7kg.
Chambering: 84 mm rocket.

FIM92 Stinger Surface-to-Air Missile:
A personal, portable, infrared-homing death launcher. This thing was designed in the USA and entered service in the '80s. It can be fired from a number of vehicles that have launching platforms for it and some helicopters use them as well, though mostly you'll find them being carried on someone's back. The missile and the launcher itself have computers and whatever; carrying all the gadgetry required to acquire a target and feed the information to the missile and then have it follow the designated target, even if it tries to dodge or drops countermeasures. The targeting system uses both infrared and ultraviolet scanning systems to distinguish vehicles from other crap floating around them. The problem is that it's a very expensive piece of tech: 38k USD per unit, in fact. It's like those college graphic calculators that cost 150 quid a pop but are far less advanced than most cheap cell phones. Happily, though, unlike the AT4, the Stinger launcher can be reloaded with new missiles and they are accurate: the basic Stinger has to-date been responsible for 270 confirmed aircraft kills. And you can aim it at ground vehicles, too, if you're far away enough, so you can consider it a double-whammy. Officially, it has to be fired by two people, but anyone with a brain larger than a pea and a little arm muscle can do it on their own.

Armory User2pic6001219791726

Primary Function: Anti-aircraft.
Length: 59.84 inches.
Weight: 15.2kg.
Chambering: 70mm Missile.

Sniper Rifles:

MK 11 Mod 0 SR-25
Primary Function
: Anti-personnel.
Length: 1158 mm
Weight: 6.9 kg (with scope and bipod, less magazine)
Chambering: 7.62x51 NATO / .308 Winchester
Maximum effective range: 6,000 ft.
Armory Sr25xm110

M107/M82A1 Long Range Sniper Rifle
Primary Function
: Anti-personnel.
Length: 57 in.
Weight: 28.5 lbs. (complete system)
Chambering: .50 in.
Maximum effective range: 6,000 ft.
Armory User2pic5931219790862

M24 Sniper Weapon System
Primary Function
: Anti-personnel.
Length: 43 in.
Weight: 14.25 lbs. (Combat weight (full mag)
Chambering: 7.62 mm.
Maximum effective range: 2,625 ft.
Armory User2pic5941219791020

Alien Weapons:

Zat'nik'tel Ray Gun:
Talk about "shock and awe..." This Goa'uld-designed weapon is the standard issue Jaffa sidearm and it shoots... wait for it... Frikking LIGHTNING. That's right, folks! Are you tired of carrying those boring old magazines full of slugs around? Well, look no further, this baby almost never runs out of juice! One shot stuns an adversary and causes immense pain... mmmm. A second shot while the target is stunned will kill most humanoids. If you need to hide a body, though, there's a third option! Shoot it again and you vaporize the sucker! Forget changing your "stun" and "kill" settings with a knob on your phasers; this thing is way better. It has a very interesting safety feature, also: when it's hunkered down, you can't fire it, but at the press of a button it coils upwards like a snake and you've got access to Zeus' lightning bolt cabinet!

Armory User2pic6011219792705

Primary Function: Ruining someone else's day, big time.
Length: 9 Inches.
Weight: 907.1 grams.
Energy Source: Liquid Naquadah.

Staff Weapon:
"Goodness-gracious, great balls of fire," indeed. The standard Jaffa... thing. This weapon was designed mostly for blasting things to bits at long range and for being used as a fighting staff in hand-to-hand. Instead of bullets, it fires flaming balls of superheated plasma that will pretty much blow anyone's chest open. And Kevlar won't protect you, either, because a vest lined with the stuff will pretty much work like an oven and... yeah. Not pretty. Even though it causes a lot of superficial damage, it won't penetrate very well, meaning that most forms of cover (that aren't set on fire easily) will protect you effectively. When its "head" is closed shut, this weapon won't fire, though at the press of a button it will open up like the Predator's gaping maw and it'll be ready to toast anything in its way. It also makes a lot of scary noise when it fires, though it's let down by an extreme lack of accuracy. Those Goa'uld... they really have to make everything look flashy...

Armory User2pic6021219793284

Primary Function: Anti-pretty-much-anything-that's-vulnerable-to-plasma.
Length: Over 2 meters.
Weight: Unknown.
Energy Source: Liquid Naquadah.

Explosive Devices:

M18A1 Claymore Mine
(Limit of 2 per person)
Primary Function
: Anti-personnel, defensive.
Dimensions: 8.5 in. long, 1.38 in. wide, 3.25 in. high.
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Composition: 700 steel spheres (10.5 grains) and 1.5 lbs. layer of C-4 Maximum effective range: 162.5 ft.
Armory User2pic5951219791149

M67 Fragmentation Grenade
(Limit of 4 per person)
Primary Function
: Anti-personnel.
Dimensions: 3.5 in. high and 2.8 in. diameter.
Weight: 13.75 ounces.
Composition: Square steel wire.
Maximum effective range: 60 ft.
Armory User2pic5961219791226

C4 Explosive/Detonator
Armory User2pic6331219847920

Armory Sgcericsig
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