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Post by Sarah Yadin on Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:31 pm

YADIN, Sarah M Ncisyadin

Name, nicknames, anything:

    Sarah Mirit Yadin, Sarai

Age, rank, anything that goes along with that (include what branch of the military [ignore if character is not military] the character is in):

    Major (IDF Retired)
    Civilian, Mossad

Describe your character's appearance. Include eye colour, hair colour, height, build, and anything extra.

    Sarah is tall and slender, with a strong muscular build. She has chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes. Her skin is pale for the Middle East, but she is still quite tan. She has one of those faces that is easily changed and can look like a completely different woman with minimal effort.

      Your Character is played by?
    Rose Byrne

Likes/Dislikes, at least three each.

  • Sailing
  • Strong coffee
  • MMA
  • Insubordination
  • Exile
  • Men

Strengths/Weaknesses, at least three each.

  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Adaptable
  • Trust issues
  • Will over-react to innocent touch
  • Paranoid in personal life

At least three important events in your character's life and why it matters.

  • Meeting Simon winter in Lebanon and leaving him for Mossad
  • Being captured and held by SAVAK for close to four months
  • Finding out who her real father is and being relocated to SGC to protect her from her enemies.

Main goal:

    She’s kind of aimless at the moment

Greatest fear:

    Being found by SAVAK

What does your character not like about themselves? At least three things.

  • Emotionally unstable
  • Broke under torture
  • Left Lebanon

Why was your character chosen for the Stargate program? (Include any skills that would be part of the reason.)

    She was sent to the SGC to hide her from SAVAK. Her father, Adir is the head of Mossad and arranged to have her transferred via IOA.

Describe your character's personality, at least one hundred words.

    Sarah was normally an outgoing and vibrant person, but she has changed after torture and rape by Iranian intelligence. She turned inward, has trouble connecting with people even when she trusts them. She is determined, tense bordering on paranoid, but she has a strong will which keeps her level headed. She is almost raw about her opinions and has trouble thinking before she speaks. She would rather get the conflict out in the open first when she meets a person, and if they survive, she starts to let them in a bit. She is close to her mother, but despises her father to the point where she has forsaken everything about her religion which he holds tightly to. She considers it the privilege of apostasy to eat bacon and loves it. She likes to shock her family and friends with it. Even though they are all grown up she and her younger brothers are still children at heart and will act like it when together. She is also fiercely protective of her siblings—she is the only one allowed to beat them up. She loves dogs—especially German Shepherds—which have as much training in how to kill as she has. She owns one called Ardon who is her constant companion. Though Sarah knows English she is not quite fluent in it and will unconsciously slip into Hebrew especially if she is upset or flustered. She lives alone, with the exception of impromptu visits from Elijah, and has tight personal security—alarms, cameras, and stalks the halls at night armed for an hour before falling asleep—usually on the couch. She doesn’t drink heavily often because it makes the nightmares worse, but she has a glass per night (after putting her gun away and before sleeping). All things considered, when Sarah settles down she is a very amiable person with a good sense of humor and adventurous spirit. She is just damaged and is still trying to determine if she’s beyond repair.

Your character's history, at least 300 words.

    Sarah was born in Jerusalem to Colonel Levi Yadin (IDF Ret.) and Ruth Yadin—or that was the story she was told. Her mother loved the younger of two brothers, but was forced to marry the oldest. Before the wedding she ran off with Adir Yadin, but they were stopped at the Egyptian border and turned back. They shared one night of passion which became a daughter Ruti named Sarah. Levi Yadin went on to be the Israeli Ambassador to the US when she was quite young. Adir went on to be the Director of Operations for Mossad under Eli David.

    One day when she was five Adir brought home a toddler and gave him to her mother as an adopted son. She liked her new playmate but he went to stay with another family soon after. She still got to see him all the time though and they soon became the best of friends. When her younger brother Moshe entered the picture her and Elijah would pick on him all day long. She and her brothers were raised mainly by their mother and their uncle (Adir). She is as of yet unaware that Adir is her father.

    She was raised under the constant threat of attack. When she was 10 her family moved to Tel Aviv. While on their way to a café Elijah and his parents’ bus was blown up by a suicide bomber. Only Elijah survived, though he spent many weeks in the hospital. She vowed at his hospital bed that she would forever fight the terrorists that robbed him of his family. Elijah then came to live with her and Moshe.

    When she was 17 she entered the IDF and at 20 she went to Tel Aviv University with the intention of reinforcing her career of service. She joined Mossad upon graduation. Her service in the Mossad is largely unknown. She doesn't speak of it often. Yadin did spend a year in Iran and was captured upon her escape from the country. She was rescued by American soldiers after close to four months of torture and rape. She no longer trusts Mossad as they left her alone in Afghanistan to protect their image with the UN—Sarah was inconvenient. Elijah, a new and unconnected agent and the only Arab to serve openly in Mossad, tried to get Adir to organize a rescue. Adir was blocked and stonewalled. As a result she was left there. She wants out so she has spent the last 6 months in America, undergoing medical recovery and plastic surgery to hide the extensive damage done to her body, and has recently been granted citizenship. Her only ties to Israel are her family, but they think her to be dead.

Roleplay sample (please use the character you're creating):

    Somewhere in Afghanistan

    She shivered alone in the darkened room. They saved the electricity at night so they'd have more to work with during their sessions.

    The wind howled like a forlorn animal, sometimes shaking the ill built structure with its fury. Between their handling of her and the rope tied around her neck moving was difficult. She could move only enough to curl into fetal position

    They tied her up like a dog, kicked her like a dog. It amused them. At least when they kicked her it kept them from other activities.

    She shuddered. She had started to go numb. They'd fixed that. The burn on her inner thigh throbbed against the cold concrete. They only let her in peace for a few hours. She had no way of keeping track of the hours or days. It felt like a year...but she knew it couldn't be that long. She would never live that long. She sobbed quietly to the darkness. She wouldn't last another day. Cold and hunger clawed at her. Only enough dirty water was allotted for her survival. Her lips cracked open and bled.

    The door opened. She froze, eyes screwed tight. She smelled alcohol--hypocrites. He grabbed her up by the hair. She forced herself not to make noise. Noise only encouraged further brutality. It did not matter this time. He drug her into the other room, throwing her down before Mamoud, their leader. He traced his hand down her cheek. She spat at him. He backhanded her for the action. Hassan grabbed her next, throwing her into the middle of the six men. There were others guarding, mercenaries. She had a feeling each would receive part of their payment from her.

    "Raquas, jamila!"

    They wanted her to dance. She stood straight. They would have to do a lot more to her before she would perform on command.


    She glared at Mamoud. "Lo, la, no, nien, nada, nyet!" She spat again. Obid grabbed her from behind, holding her still with a knife to her side. He walked her over to the fire pit. She expected fire. It did not come this time. Omar stood up--the largest of the lot. He kissed her before crushing her left foot with his steel-toed boot.

    She yelped. They pinned her to the floor, each one taking turns with some instrument or another, slashing, hammering, crushing, burning her lower leg. There would be no escape now.

    She had passed out from pain. The hot iron startled her awake as it seared the soft flesh of the side of her right breast. She screamed, tears sliding down her cheeks. She begged for mercy, but it never came. She begged for them to kill her, it only made them more vicious.

    They came at her again, their violation hurt worse due to their earlier cure for her shock. Her wounds throbbed, her mind screamed, her body could no longer fight them off.

    The whole night became a contorted dance in Hell. The Devil's minions circled her, ripping at her flesh, stripping her of her last vestige of humanity.

    She told them everything that night and yet the peace they promised did not come.

PLAYER DETAILS. Name (doesn't have to be real, just a moniker for us to use), age, how long you've been RPing, timezone, best way to contact you, anything else you think we should know:

    MST (GMT-7)
    At least 4 yrs
    IM, Skype, MSN

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