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Post by Eric Crichton on Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:37 pm

We here at Stargate Command (SGC for short) are glad that you and your RP site have decided to go for affiliation! Please follow the instructions provided to get your application in for affiliation with the SGC!

Please Start Here Therules

1. If filling out an application for affiliation, please use the application template located in the Please Start Here thread. If an application thread does not follow this template the thread will be deleted and the applicant will have to properly re post their thread.

2. If your application is approved: Only extra messages containing the following subjects will be allowed in your approved affiliate thread(Only once per day):
  • staff recruitment
  • major changes in the forum design (new themes, templates etc.)
  • new rules added
  • new forum or new category added
  • major news/changes on your forum (new contest, new domain name etc.)

3. If you application is approved: Please do not do the following in your affiliate thread:
  • post more than once per day in your presentation topic
  • post only to simply write "up"/"bump" or to say that you have X new members
  • ask members to register on your forum, as well as to take a look or ask their advice
  • promote forums with sexual/pornographic content (images, videos, adult RP and links to such things

When you post up your application, just above the text field you will also see the above rules.

Below is the application in a code box. You will need to copy and paste it into your application thread and post a new topic in the Affiliate Program forum. Please title the topic Affiliate Application for and insert the name of your RP site. Then fill out the application. As a reminder to rule #1, if you do not follow this template the thread will be deleted and the you will have to properly re post your thread.


Have you fully read and understand the affiliate rules?

Are you willing to allow the SGC to advertise and become and affiliate of your RP site (SGC will follow your application process and site rules on advertising and becoming an affiliate)?

Would you like to have an image link put in our scrolling affiliates box?

(Skip if you answered no to the above question)Link to affiliate image (please no bigger than 120 x 60):

[center][img]image for your RP will go here, this is optional but nice to have. if you do not have an image, please delete the code line from "[img]" to "[/img]"[/img]

[b][u][size=18][url=link to your sites homepage goes here]Name of your RP site goes here[/url][/size][/u][/b]

[i]Description of your RP goes here (no less than 300 words please)[/i][/center]

[b]Site/RP Rules[/b]:
[list]List of your site/RP rules. Please place each new rule on a separate line with at "[*]" before each rule. Example:
[*]Respect each other
[*]No spamming[/list]

[list]List of your sites contacts for people interested to get a hold of. Please place each contact on a separate line with "[*]" before each name. Example:
[*]Eric Crichton
[*]Sara Yadin[/list]

Please Start Here Sgcericsig
Eric Crichton
Eric Crichton
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