Mission Brief: Mousetrap

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Mission Brief: Mousetrap Empty Mission Brief: Mousetrap

Post by Sarah Yadin on Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:18 pm


Current Environment: Similar to inland China, humid, forest areas, swampy plains

Other Information: Data gathered by the MALP indicates a thriving civilization with pre-industrial revolution era technology. There appears to be little Goa’uld influence.

Controlling Race: Appears to be human

Status: In Progress

Gate Status: Online

Team Assigned: SG-1

Members: Eric Crichton, Sandy Howards, Daniel Blackburne, Sharie Williams, Sarah Yadin, TBA for new members who want to join.

Mission: This is your standard recon mission. Make contact with the natives for information on the ruling Goa’uld in the system. This is thought to be one of Lord Yu’s planets, but seems to have been abandoned by him. Find out if the natives staged a revolution or what else could have happened to make the Snakes leave. See if there are any trade opportunities.

Plot Markers to Hit during the Mission:

  • arrive and find heavy Goa’uld presence
  • try to leave but can’t
  • find Mouse
  • avoid capture by the natives and the Goa’uld
  • gather intelligence
  • find a way to get to the Gate and get home

Mission Brief: Mousetrap Sgcsarahsig
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