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Post by Sharie Williams on Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:37 pm

WILLIAMS, Sharie L. Sharie-bonnie-w-2

Name, nicknames, anything:

    Sharie Chantelle Williams, Cherry-bomb (call sign), Elle (family ONLY)

Age, rank, anything that goes along with that (include what branch of the military [ignore if character is not military] the character is in):

    28, Lt. Colonel, Fighter Pilot in USAF

Describe your character's appearance. Include eye colour, hair colour, height, build, and anything extra.

    Sharie is 5'8 and built like female boxer, she is on the shorter side in her family almost every one is 5'10 and above. She has long bright red hair that distinguishes her from the other pilots and has the palest blue eyes you've ever seen. She wears a bright smile unless she is concentrating then that smile is replaced with a confident smirk.

You character is played by?

    Bonnie Wright

Likes/Dislikes, at least three each.

  • Being a Fly girl
  • Chai Tea
  • Rock Climbing
  • Sea, Boats, etc anything involving the Sea
  • over baggy clothes
  • James Bond movies (cliché)

Strengths/Weaknesses, at least three each.

  • Leadership quality
  • Friendly
  • Good Listener
  • Dare devil
  • Over thinker
  • Blunt

At least three important events in your character's life and why it matters.

  • Loosing her twin: Jillian Marcia Williams – Her sister was her best friend, and now that has been taken from her.
  • Joining the Airforce –Joining the Airforce has brought structure to her life, she has been able to serve her country and change lives.
  • Plane Crash: –The first time she crashed landed, it was a reality check that she’s not invincible, that she can go down just as easily as her enemies.

Main goal:

    Find peace in her life again, life is like a canvas you paint what you will nothing is erased it is just blended to make something new.

Greatest fear:

    Loosing those she cares about [Father, Brothers]
    Letting her win, she has never lived up to her step-mother’s expectations, and plans to live her life HER way.
What does your character not like about themselves? At least three things.

  • Selfish, she blames her mother’s death on her father, and only thinks about herself, since her Step-Mother is out to get her.
  • Recklessness, she is a dare devil she likes to do things no one in their right mind would, she tends to visit the hospital at least once a month.
  • Her body, she doesn’t like what she see’s in the mirror, she is shapeless

Why was your character chosen for the Stargate program? (Include any skills that would be part of the reason.)

    Recruited to help decode alien ship technology along with rewiring and flying the ships as well.

Describe your character's personality, at least one hundred words.

    Sharie is very head strong she tends to point the finger when things do not go her way. She learned the hard way that life is crap and you must fight to get what you want and that you do not deserve anything. She has a hard time with change, she took her mother’s death hard and never did like her step-mother. She is very adventurous and is a major dare devil, she sometimes shows off during flight training. Sharie can be very blunt, and straight to the point, she doesn’t like surprises and she hates when people go around her questions. She is level headed compared to some of the men and women she works with, friendly and willing to help if you are one of the few that have earned her trust. She may not trust you right away but she is willing to help you, she likes to see everyone succeed.

Your character's history, at least 300 words.

    It all started in Baltimore, Maryland Sharie was three years of age and her mother was ill from Pneumonia. Margaret Williams passed on May 3rd 1972 there was a small funeral held for her In September it was beautiful reception. Everyone seemed to let go of her death except the twins, but as years passed Jillian soon even let go. That angered Sharie, she was the only one that missed and mourned her mother while everyone accepted that she was gone and would not be returning. Sharie was angry at her family for years, during those years she would only leave her room to eat, use the bathroom and shower. When she was about ten, a new woman by the name of Charlotte Strisausen came into all of their lives. Her father Gavin Williams fell in love with this woman, who was a decade younger than him and had money.

    When Sharie and Jillian both girls could see right through Mama Charlie’s litter charade but their father, he was stubborn. The girls expressed their concern and he dismissed it, Charlotte was nothing but a rotten man stealing gold digger and Sharie got a bit carried away with trying to prove it. The woman always seemed to be five steps ahead of her and that rattled Sharie more than anything. She finally gave up when her father told her to knock it off and grow up. It was too late...she had been in his head too long and Charlotte had one. Ever since then Charlotte has turned the family against Sharie, making her to be an unstable reckless child with no future. Jillian was the only one that stuck by her side and kept her from running away for good.

    Jillian died in 89 the girls had just celebrated their twentieth birthday and they had gone out for drinks. Jill was suppose to be the designated driver and ended up getting more wasted than everyone else. Sharie blames herself for letting Jill get in the car that night with her boyfriend and his friends, they found her car twisted around a tree with three mangled dead bodies, Jilly and her boyfriend’s two friends. Nathaniel was the only one walking away from the car crash his side of the car had the least amount of damage, he now suffers from permanent memory loss and doesn’t remember a thing about Jillian. He did come to the funeral with his younger sister Beth who remembered Jill quite well, what broke Sharie’s heart was finding out that he was going to propose the following night and never got to and never will get too.

    After Jill died was when Sharie joined the USAF, her step-mother was pushing her into being a lawyer and so was her father, to put away drunk drivers and make them pay for their crimes. She rebelled and joined the Airforce her step-mother convinced her father that Sharie was out for a death wish and did not care about her family enough to think about them before signing the enlistment papers. Nowadays she keeps little contact with her family except for her youngest brother Benjamin, whom she simply adores, he looks up to Sharie as a hero and not as the black sheep of the family. He always writes her when she is away about how he misses her and can’t wait to see her when she gets back from being deployed.

    Recently Sharie received a letter from SGC asking her to come aboard that they needed her expertise. Everything was very hush hush and she still doesn’t know what she has been recruited into. She has not spoke with Ben in months now, because of being stationed at SGC.

Roleplay sample (please use the character you're creating):

    The jets took off she did a few Arial tricks before flying straight toward “enemy planes” this was going to be a thrill. Sharie slammed her finger against the small red button on the controls. She watched as a small missile quickly struck the target and she pulled up to have the jet fly directly above her teammates. “How’s that for a girl?” she spoke into her mic a small chuckled followed. “Think you can keep up boys?”

    “Cherry-Bomb your on! Quickstar will have your sixth, Jet your with me “
    announced Rocket, formally known as Bryant McKenzie. “You make this too easy McKenzie.” Sharie retorted the man replied by cheating. She hit the gas and took off after her Captain he was so buying drinks after this. She moved between Jet and Rocket easily slipping pass the two this was a game of capture the flag.

    Just in super high speed jets, fired missiles and were easy to crash if not handled properly. She wasn’t sure what Bryant was doing but it looked dangerous, she had been to focused on Bryant she didn’t see the shrapnel flying at her. She moved just enough for no real damage to come to the jet itself but the wing had been damaged which meant she was going down.

    “This is Cherry-bomb Mayday! I repeat this is Cherry bomb and I am going down, Mayday! Mayday! I cannot gain control of the Jet!” she was pressing buttons doing everything she can to preserve the Jet and herself. The most important thing the told them was to remain calm and land as safe as possible. The plane was going down and fast, spiraling toward the canyon of the Arizona desert. She pulled hard on the controls so the plane would straighten out some.

    She made contact with the ground and the plane skidded breaking of more of the already damaged wing it stopped finally 500 ft from where she actually crash landed. Her head had hit the dashboard in the cockpit knocking her unconscious. Sharie was bleeding from her head wound and knocked out cold. Someone had heard her distress call because she was being pulled from the cockpit..her leg hurt. The pain only elevated when she was removed from the smoldering plane. “Sharie! Sharie can you hear me?” she heard faint voices in the back ground..she wanted to respond but she couldn’t. Not yet at least...

    The pain in her leg went from a pins and needles feeling to very dull numbness. She was still unconscious and that angered her more than anything because she was there. She could feel them moving her she could hear them mumbling things, but she could never make out the words. She heard something that sounded like someone calling her name. “Sharie? Kid?” she assumed it was the Captain..”Cap she isn’t coming through, we need to get her to the hospital.” Gabe was right she needed a hospital..and needed it now.

PLAYER DETAILS. Name (doesn't have to be real, just a moniker for us to use), age, how long you've been RPing, timezone, best way to contact you, anything else you think we should know:

    GMT-8 Pacific,
    AIM, MSN, PM,
    Years: going on six

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WILLIAMS, Sharie L. Empty Re: WILLIAMS, Sharie L.

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